Theresa Macknight was born in 1966 in Saint John, New Brunswick. She studied visual art at Mount Allison University and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

She also studied Art Education at The University of New Brunswick and taught visual art at multiple levels for almost thirty years. She also worked in curriculum development and community art education. MacKnight now works full time on her art in her studio in St. Andrews New Brunswick.

Macknight has a dual painting practice which includes both studio and plein air painting. She considers both to be necessary to the vitality and authenticity of her work. They each inform the other. She feels that working from life adds richness to the work in the studio which can include inventive elements and memory.

Her preferred mediums are oil and encaustic. She has developed her signature encaustic techniques through trial and error over a period of almost three decades.

Recently Macknight was interviewed by renowned artist and educator Jennifer Pazienza in her series, entitled "Gotta Minute?", interviews with New Brunswick Artists.